Tuesday 22nd September - Guitar Lessons, Gigs, Recording & Film

I have recently moved to Mosman Park in Perth, Western Australia and am taking new students in the area, so if you want to learn guitar get in touch!

I have played a few gigs recently, the highlight being at Perth Blues Club last month, so thanks to Warren and all the guys who organised that.  Cheers.

I have also been recording occasional songs for the next album 'Time Fantasy, Dream Reality' and am hoping to get back to work on completing the film 'The Strait Jacket', when I get around to finally getting a new computer.


Tuesday 6th April 2015 - Mother

I recently composed, performed and recorded the soundtrack for a brand new short film, 'Mother' by Graeme Maguire. You can watch, listen and enjoy it for free here at https://vimeo.com/121971492

Saturday 31st January 2015 - Better Late Than Never

I'll be performing my first ever three hour outdoor performance in Hainault Vineyard in Bickley, Perth in Western Australia tomorrow from 5.30 until 8.30pm. Here is the flyer, which I just received today. Better late than never...

Friday 19th December 2014: A Festive THANK YOU to all of my guitar students!

I would like to send out a huge big THANK YOU to all of my wonderful students and aspiring musicians for everything in 2014. I have been enjoying reading your cards and eating & drinking & drinking from your presents at this festive time of year. Thanks again everyone! See you in the New Year!!


With Love and Gratitude,


Tuesday 16th December 2014... Martin Place tribute...

I currently live in Perth in Western Australia, and was shocked about the events in Sydney, and felt moved to write and record a song today called 'Martin's Place' in memory of those who died and suffered. I can't lay flowers in person, so this is my tribute. 

You can stream the song at the web address



Wednesday 26th November (2.50am)... My Visual-Audio-Art Generates PEACE

My Youtube Analytics looks like the PEACE sign!


Tuesday 11th November 2014 (very early in the morning, i.e. very late Monday night): A new recording 

Click & listen: Out of the Cold

Sunday 26th October 2014: Wholy

New video: Wholy 

Wednesday 1st October 2014: Update

I am still alive. Recording 'Time Fantasy, Dream Reality' took a back burner recently. I wish to give you some new recordings, as I realise that people are actually reading this less-than-regularly-updated news diary and probably, maybe, or maybe not wondering what the heck is going on. Hello to all you lovely people across the world and thanks for being at my website!

So, now, for you.. is a song, called 'Wholy', that I wrote and recorded fairly recently.

You can listen to and share it by clicking HERE

By the way, I am grateful to all who email me, asking how I am doing and with your responses to the music I make. Your comments and messages are most welcome and make it all worthwhile.


Paul D McDowell

Saturday 16th August: Tanks at 4.10am

The mixer that I am using for my gigs was tested by being run over by a tank. But who runs over the tank to test if it is a good tank? Also, why do I need a mixer that can be run over by a tank anyway? I do not envisage needing a mixer if there are tanks going around destroying musicians' p.a. systems.


I have been recording my latest album 'Time Fantasy, Dream Reality'. It's getting there, finally. 

Email hello@pauldmcdowell.com to get some free pre-album tracks. 

Type 'Time Fantasy, Dream Reality' in the subject line (for one week only). 

Tuesday 22nd July: THE STRAIT JACKET

Two years ago I wrote, shot and directed an experimental movie called THE STRAIT JACKET. See the OFFICIAL TRAILER

I am now in the composing and recording music stage of the production process. It is getting there..

For more info and links to moving images and visual-audio-poetry, visit the film section 

Thursday 17th July: A NEW SONG


I wrote this song originally as my love lay sleeping next to me, and I was singing it to her, writing these words, picking these notes out on the guitar strings quietly.

I played it at my sister’s wedding in June 2014 as she and her newly wed hubby signed the register.. Soppy… But real. Congrats for one month of marriage sis!


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon my love 
tell me what you’re thinking of 
I am right here

So long, so long we have to love 
I know what you’re dreaming of 
and I’ll be right here

I won’t go away 
So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon my love 
Tell me what you’re dreaming of 
I’ll be right here

I won’t go away 
I’m here to stay

So c'mon, c'mon, c'mon my love 
Tell me what you’re dreaming of 
I am right here.

This song, titled 'C'mon My Love' is also going on the soon to be released album 'Time Fantasy, Dream Reality, so in a way it is kind of like the first single; somehow. Free to stream.

Wednesday 16th July

Tried out a new way to make a kick drum thump with my foot today, using a green bullet microphone wrapped in a sock on the floor.. sounds pretty good.. It's better than a tambourine, rolling floor tom, any foot stomper or floorboard (homemade or otherwise) that I've tried up to now.. 

Also, I've been experimenting with this Play Acoustic vocal harmoniser pedal on some of my own tunes. Works wonders with songs like Overcome as well as some of the new songs from my next album, coming soon...

Tuesday 15th July

I am now offering guitar lessons here in Perth, Western Australia. Click here for more info.

Monday 14th July

Practicing, getting over jet-lag, playing guitar with a recently near death rodeo rider. Good day.

Sunday 13th July

Wandered around Northbridge today chatting to people & checking out local art. Perth has a lot to offer, and I have lots to give; maybe we have more in common than I thought possible before. It seems there are places where the conservative values are waning… giving way to a weird kind of newly emerging sub-culture, focused on locally made, ethically sourced goods (they can be called goods because they are actually good).

Saturday 12th July

Spent the day preparing the new rehearsal space, then rehearsing… Will upload photos soon, now I'm getting less shy..

Welcome to my new parable.

Friday 11th July 1.49am (Perth, Australia):

Finally, a website that I can update myself… 

I'll be posting news and bits n bobs here, like info on gigs, album releases, film releases, poetry and much more.

I'm currently living in Perth, Western Australia, so most of my live performances over the coming months will more than likely be in and around this most isolated city in the known universe.

In the meantime, you can visit My Sites at: Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Also, don't forget to sign onto the mailing list to receive some free music. Just email 'FREE MUSIC' to hello@pauldmcdowell.com. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


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